Orange Shirt Day/National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Programming Supports for Schools

September 30th is a federal statutory holiday. Schools may provide Orange Shirt Day programming on days other than September 30th.  

To allow for a robust day of authentic learning no matter when schools choose to honour the day, Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortium (ARPDC) are pleased to provide these pre-recorded events.

Celebrating Indigenous Culture

ARPDC invited Elders and Knowledge keepers to share cultural events that recognize and celebrate Indigenous cultures with event demonstrations for teachers to support both student learning and teacher professional learning. Each demonstration video is accompanied by a Learning Guide to support discussion and classroom lessons.


Learning Guide: Métis Dance and Song


Learning Guide: The White Buffalo   Learning Guide: Indian Relay Races   Learning Guide: Lacrosse


Learning Guide: Inuit Drum Dancing and Throat Singing

Visual arts

Learning Guide: Visual Arts


Video coming soon…

Learning Guide: Story Telling

New Blood – An Exploration in Reconciliation

Created through a grant from Alberta Education, teachers may use the following video and lesson plans to build understanding of the history and legacy of residential schools.

New Blood is an interdisciplinary dance piece that explores the idea of reconciliation. Inspired by childhood experiences in residential schools that are reflected in the poems of Chief Dan George, Grandchild, and The Indian and the Child, from Siksika chief ,Vincent Yellow Old Woman, Strathmore High School choreographer/teacher Deanne Bertsch,  incorporated poetry, music and dance into a dramatic and moving student performance.

New Blood On-Demand

New Blood is an interdisciplinary dance piece that explores the idea of reconciliation. For the on demand link, please click the image.

Watch New Blood On-Demand  Watch with French Subtitles

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This video and accompanying lesson plans are appropriate for grades 7-12.

Lesson Plans

Grades 7-9   Grades 10-12

This video is intended for the viewing and learning purposes of Alberta students

This video and all its original artistic contents are the property of each, unique artist and are under copyright. Any redistribution of part or all of the contents in any form for commercial use is prohibited.  All Rights Reserved.

Student Questions/Responses

This video is intended for use with Gr. 7-12 student audiences as follow-up to the viewing of the performance, New Blood. Elder Margaret (Ekti) Cardinal, Treaty 8, answers questions generated by students following the viewing of New Blood in September of 2022.

The following pre-recorded materials are appropriate for Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

Opening Land Acknowledgement

Start your day of programming with this, or your own, land acknowledgment in making an essential step toward reconciliation.

Length: 2:57

Opening Prayer and Smudging Ceremony

Start your day of programming off in a good way with this prayer and smudge ceremony for schools and classrooms provided by Elder Wilson Bearhead.

Length: 12:34

Opening Teaching

Elder Wilson Bearhead shares a teaching for students discussing treaty, reconciliation, and the legacy of residential schools.

Length: 30:06

Virtual Tours and Traditional Teachings

Áísínaiʼpi / Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Elder and Provincial Park Interpreter Saa’kokoto takes students on a journey exploring the Áísínaiʼpi / Writing-on-Stone provincial park, found in the centre of Nitawahsin – known as Blackfoot original land. In this journey, Saa’kokoto interprets First Nations Rock Art (petroglyphs and pictographs) in the Milk River Valley to share the stories and history of the Blackfoot People (Niitsítapi).

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, located in the Porcupine Hills of Southern Alberta, near Fort Macleod, is one of the oldest, largest and best preserved buffalo jump sites in North America. This program will introduce native buffalo hunting culture. Students will get to see tools, games and more.

Conrad Little Leaf: History of Buffalo Jump Kindergarten to Grade 6

Conrad Little Leaf: History of Buffalo Jump Grades 7 to 12

Language Education

Members of the ARPDC Partner Circle provide greetings and farewells in traditional languages. Click here or the image for this classroom guide.

Closing Circle Guide

This guide provides classroom support for educators to conduct a closing sharing circle with students. Click here or the image for this classroom guide.