K-12 Infusing Indigenous Texts in Classrooms

This series was designed to help K-12 teachers delve into how they can infuse Indigenous texts in their classrooms in meaningful and respectful ways. Teachers will appreciate the Q&A format, age-appropriate literacy strategies and children’s Indigenous book recommendations. This set of materials can be used for self-study or can be used in a larger professional learning context.

In an effort to support the infusion of Foundational Knowledge across the curriculum, ARPDC consultants along with Tłı̨chǫ Dene Author, Storyteller, Educator Richard Van Camp collaborated on this project.

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Richard Van Camp Photo credit: Mark Mushet

Key Components:

Q&A Videos

A series of eight videos with Richard Van Camp and two local Indigenous Consultants. (Videos are 1 – 7 minutes in length).  See the collection below.

Learning Guides

A series of eight learning guides designed to facilitate reflection and discussion following each of the eight Q&A videos. See the collection below.

Google Slide Decks

Three slide decks that can be used and/or modified for professional learning sessions with school staff. Available at three grade levels:

K – 3 Slides
Grades 4 – 9 Slides
Grades 10 – 12 Slides

Book Talks

A series of six book talks with Shelby Laframboise-Helgeson. See the collection below.

Annotated Book Lists

Three annotated book lists featuring recommended titles for students in our local context. As a bonus, Richard Van Camp shared his personal list of children’s Indigenous texts he recommends.

K – 3 Book List
Grades 4 – 8 Book List
Grades 9 – 12 Book List
Richard Van Camp’s Booklist

Q&A Videos and Learning Guides & Book Talks

Video Index

Q4-How can we use Indigenous texts to address reconciliation, social justice & significant issues?

Length: 5:18

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